Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Call me fickle?

Call me fickle, but I've changed my mind about where I want to have my blog. I will miss this green colour, but overall it seems that the best idea is to move What would Buckaroo do to a new location. Click here, and you're there. That's where I will post from now on. Thanks for the tip LR, I like the new place better.

Monday, March 05, 2007

I can run

I can run for ten minutes without stopping, as of tonight. I'm sure for some of you that would be no big deal, but for me it feels like an accomplishment. I'm taking a running clinic at The Running Room in Halifax, it's the beginner level clinic. Before I started, I'm sure I might have been able to run for one minute without stopping - if something scary was chasing me. But no more, and it would have been painful. Well in tonight's class we ran for ten minutes without stopping, walked for one minute, then ran for another ten. By the end of the second ten I really wanted to stop, and I couldn't talk anymore, but I did it.

My group is small - only four people plus the instructor. The four of us are all biologists, and three of the four are named Catherine (Catherine, Cathy and Katie). Weird eh! The other three are students so they are 15 years or so younger than me... and none of them are overweight whereas I am ... so I feel pretty pleased with myself for keeping up.

Hey Marni! You know you definitely helped inspire me to do this. Here's hoping I keep with it.

Two more weeks, and we'll compete in a 5K run. Now I'm thinking I should keep up the momentum and go for the 10K clinic after this one ... I have no good photo so I will plug the shoes that I feel made this possible for me, MBTs. (I can't get a better photo.)