Monday, December 04, 2006

An embarassment of snow

Today Halifax had that embarassing first-snowfall-of-the-year when everyone realizes they should have put their snow tires on a couple of weeks ago, and all hell breaks loose. The city experienced the worst rush hour gridlock in its history, apparently, because of a few (10 - 20) cm of snow. The buses basically stopped running for a couple of hours. People were stuck in traffic for an hour or two, because of accidents and abandoned cars. I personally stood for an hour in a bus shelter as three schedules buses failed to show up. For most of that hour, no buses came, even though the streets were pretty much deserted. I was wondering if all of the buses had slipped into the ocean or the Bedford Basin or something. I was reading a book about Mexico, where it was warmer. My Value Village eskimo parka with the real fur hood trim was also helping to keep me warm.

This is my bike, in the snow. Not from today though ... this is a few years ago on Thanksgiving weekend, after I had ridden to visit friends in Mount Albert. Tonight my bike is out in the snow again, but with a cover on. I was worried the snowplow guys would knock it over, but no problem. I sure hope it's warm next Saturday because that will be the day I should take it away for winter storage. It will spend the winter in a barn in Upper Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia. Bill's grandmother's barn. It's an hour ride to get there. So I will likely become reacquainted with my electric vest.

I have sacrificed my personal digital camera for The Loop. My camera lives at the store now, because we often want to take photos to put on our website. So that makes it a little harder to have up-to-the minute photos handy. Hmm maybe The Loop should think about buying their own camera. Meanwhile, here is an older photo that represents what Clark, Ruby and I are doing tonight.

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