Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy 2007

Well, what use is a blog if I never post to it? Today is my day 'off' - off from The Loop, that is. I should be working on action planning consulting work, but instead I have been catching up on e-mails to friends, and other things that have used up most of the day. (Action planning looks more action-filled if I put it in italics.)

Our second Christmas / holiday season as part of the small retail business universe has come and gone. It was busier than the first one, but less stressful because we had a better sense of what to expect. Last year, we had just opened a few weeks before xmas, and felt like we barely knew what we were doing. We felt like we were "playing store". It still feels like that sometimes, but that's mostly a good thing.

The newspaper article I menioned in the last post was published this week: here is the link. And the photo the Herald photographer took.

And next week, on the 15th, we (well Mimi) will be on TV. CBC is starting a new regional 'lifestyle' TV show called Eastern Living, afternoons (1:00 maybe, I forget) and we are on the inaugural episode. If you listen to CBC radio in the Maritimes, you will recognize the name and voice of Heidi Petracek. She is the host, and Mimi taught her how to knit. It's pretty exciting because it means that, presumably, what we are doing is interesting to some people. And that kind of publicity really has legs ... based on a CBC radio interview from when we first opened, we'll keep hearing about this from new customers for a long time.
That's enough for the moment. I'll probably think of something else to post in a few minutes.

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