Friday, February 02, 2007

Things I've been making lately

My 8-year old niece asked me to make her a sweater. She had some rather precise specifications. Orange and hot pink, and long. Here is what it looks like so far.

And at the same time I'm making a scarf for Gwladys, who is a 91-year-old woman I go visit and read to once a week or so. (In the winter, without a vehicle, it's a lot harder for me to get to where she lives in a suburban area.) This scarf is made from an angora blend that is indescribably soft and light. Yet it's cosy and warm. Her birthday is coming up soon (she's an Aquarius like me). She doesn't go out much anymore, mostly stays in her room in the old folks' home where she lives. I think I will write more about her sometime because she is a really interesting person. (And that is the correct way of spelling her name; she is Welsh you see.)

When I can, I continue to build up an inventory of my glass jewelry and buttons. This is a necklace I sent to my sister a while ago. I like the shape of the leaf. It is a piece of copper foil stamped out with a paper punch, and I scored the 'veins' on it. It is one of the few kinds of metal you can fire in the kiln without it burning ... though it changes colour.

I have also been making a number of tables and reports on the topic of criteria for prioritizing actions for integrated management and planning of ocean activities ... Zzzzz. Not worth photos.

That's it for now. I am trying to get a lot more glass stuff cut and prepared tonight so I can take it to the kiln tomorrow. I continue to fantasize about being able to buy my own kiln.

Thanks for checking in,
Your friend Cathy

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