Friday, January 05, 2007

Bye bye bike, for now

This and the next two posts are backwards, chronologically, but we can handle it right? I'm doing my best here. And this makes me caught up, for a while.
Please excuse the lousy paragraph breaks ... I'm still trying to figure out how to insert them just where I want, Blogger doesn't seem to see a hard return the same way I do.

I just had to note that this season I put my bike away for the winter on December 15th: latest ever. I miss the days when I had underground parking where I lived. I fantasize a lot about garages now. This year my F650 is spending the "winter" at my friend and former co-worker Marty's place, specifically in his garage. Marty is a surfer. Last year he & his wife bought a house in a fantastic location overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, not too far from Halifax.
On December 15th, fearing the winter and snow might actually arrive soon, I rode my bike out to their place. It was a moderately cool, overcast day ... heated handgrips on, no need for the electric vest. Nice scenic drive. Crossing the McKay Bridge from Halifax to Dartmouth, I saw a submarine toiling across the Bedford Basin, going past BIO in toward Magazine Hill. That was kind of a cool little treat, because how often do ya get to see an actual submarine that's not in the news or up in drydock being worked on (the latter is common actually in Halifax). Anyway it was kinda cool.
This is where the bike will spend the winter - note garage on left, ocean in background.

This weekend it's supposed to top ten degrees, so I'm sort of wishing I still had the bike, but it's better for it to be away.

And it has company - surfboards. They can reminisce about the good times back in the summer. (and fall. And winter. Actually Marty surfs in the winter so I hope the bike won't feel too bad if the boards get out a lot.)

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